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FAQ – Shannon Elliott

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How do I book a tattoo with you?
I generally book only a few months at a time, 3-4 times a year. I will post the next opening on the Booking page or on my Instagram as soon as I know when it is. During the booking period, I will provide a link to a form where you can fill out your tattoo request. The form will generally require you to have a general idea of what you’d like to get, as well as the placement, size, your budget, and your availability. I usually leave the form open for a whole weekend, and I take appointments based on your idea, not first come first served, so please take your time and fill out the form correctly. I understand that this process can be inconvenient if you’d like to get tattooed right away, or if you would like to plan more than a few months in advance, but it’s the only system I’ve found that works for me. If you would prefer not to wait, I offer walk-in Fridays most weeks. More info on those can be found below.

Please note that I will NOT tattoo anyone who is pregnant or breast-feeding. This is for the safety of your child, so no exceptions!

What tattoos do you prefer to do?
My main focus is on black and grey work, with an emphasis on natural forms, such as plants, birds, animals and people. I am heavily influenced by Japanese and American traditional tattoos. I enjoy larger projects but I will take on the occasional small piece if your idea is a good fit for me. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to tattoo every idea that is proposed to me, so please do not be upset if I don’t pick your idea next booking round – it’s nothing personal. Unusual tattoo locations (i.e. hands, faces, necks and torsos) are always enticing.
How much do your tattoos cost?
I charge $200/hr, and my minimum is is 2 hrs ($400).
I also require a standard non-refundable deposit of $100 for all appointments, which will be deducted from the final fee. Please feel free to ask for a quote before you book a tattoo with me and I’ll be happy to give you a ballpark estimate.
Shannon Flower Scan
Do you take walk-ins?
I am not currently taking walk-ins due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Can I see the drawing before I commit to the tattoo?
Generally not. I usually don’t draw my designs very far in advance so you’ll most likely see your tattoo for the first time when you come into the shop to get it. I understand that this can be stressful for some people, so please look over my work very carefully before you commit to getting a tattoo from me. I also offer free consultations for any tattoo appointments where you can come and speak to me in person a few weeks before your appointment date and be sure that we’re on the same page. If you don’t like the drawing when you come in for your appointment, please speak up! I want you to be happy with this design – it’s on your body forever. I am happy to make any changes that you require on the day of the appointment when we can speak face to face.
How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?
Please arrive well rested, hydrated, and eat something before we begin. Please wear dark clothes and wear appropriate clothing to expose the body part that we are working on.
Pain varies for each client and different areas on the body will have different levels of discomfort. I am no longer offering free numbing cream, so if you are worried about making your experience more comfortable, consider bringing your lidocaine cream, such as Zensa. Make sure you learn how to apply it properly before your appointment.
Can you do cover ups / fix this tattoo from someone else?
Usually not – I just don’t  like to tattoo on other artists’ work. Sometimes a good solution for a tattoo that you don’t like very much is a bigger, better tattoo right beside it.
What do you recommend for aftercare?
Download my aftercare recommendations here.
Can you draw me a logo / be in my art show / draw a poster for my band / do some graphic design for me / etc.?
Yes please, if I have time! Send me an email at